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I am continuing to write as blackteaandmilk, but have updated my site and will no longer be writing here. I am calling my little venture, ‘The Hive’ as it will be my hive of activity and of course, with the name Bee, why not!

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The Witches of BlackBrook Book Blitz

I have the great pleasure of hosting a book blitz!

It is for the above mentioned book, ‘The Witches of BlackBrook’


Book & Author Details:
The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer
(The Witches of BlackBrook #1)
Published by: Amber Leaf Publishing
Publication date: June 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance

Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurdles their souls forward through time. After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day.

One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver.

Will their reunion return their full powers, or end their souls journey forever?

A Witches of BlackBrook novel.

I love this cover!
Tish Thawer writes paranormal romances for all ages. Her magickal elements and detailed world-building are a welcome constant in every novel.

Before becoming a writer she worked as a computer consultant, a photographer and a graphic designer. She also operates a custom glass etching business, in addition to being a wife and the mother of three wonderful children.

She’s been a fan of the paranormal for as long as she can remember. Anything to do with superpowers, myth and magic has always held a special place in her heart. From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the phenomenon that is Twilight, this genre has always been a part of her life.

You can find Tish on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AuthorTishThawer

A common FAQ: “How do you pronounce her last name?”

Answer: Think “Bower” or “Thow-er”. It’s Persian!

The Author
Linky Loo’s – 
Author links:

WOBB_BM_Back (1)

I also have an interview for you too, some great questions and equally good answers –


When and why did you begin writing?

In 2010 I woke up from a dream and had the title of my first book running through my head. Minutes later, I knew the other two titles, and had the entire story-line of The Rose Trilogy all worked out.

Who encouraged you or what made you decide to write a novel and seek publication?

I’ve been a member of Shelfari since 2007, and was asked to become a Librarian for them after putting in countless hours of editing. Being so emerged in books and seeing all the wonderful series on a daily basis while working in the backend of the site, to say that books had become my life, was an understatement. I’m now one of 13 Librarians for the hundreds of thousands of members, as well as one of it’s top 50 editors.

What drew you to write Paranormal Romance?

I always go back to the phrase, “Write what you know.” And while my genre is considered paranormal for the unrealistic and fantastical elements, it’s what I know. It’s what I prefer to read and what I’ve studied in my actual life. (Psstt…in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m a witch.)

Of all your characters, who’s your favorite, and why?

Raven. She’s tough but sensitive, sexy but tom-boyish, and has a wicked sense of humor and a sharp tongue.

What would you love to write someday but haven’t yet?

I started a contemporary romance trilogy that I’d love to return to. I just have to figure out how to write it without someone getting bitten and turning into a vampire or werewolf. LOL

Were books a big part of your life growing up? If so, what books would you say influenced you most as a child?

Actually…no. My mother was the reader in the family and to this day, she teases me about how it took thirty some years for me to finally catch on.

What are two things people might be surprised to know about you?

I’m 44, have 16 tattoos, and cuss like a sailor. (Sorry, Grandma.)

I started teaching dance when I was 15 years old.

When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing?

Watching TV and movies, and playing games with my family.

Three things always found in your refrigerator:

Stuffed olives, Soda, Cheese

Writing is often a sedentary profession. Is there anything you do to beat stress and keep in shape?

I hike and exercise in my home, and dance as often as possible.

You’re in line at Starbucks. What are you ordering?

Java Chip Frap with Whip or a Caramel Apple Spice

Where do you go when you need to recharge?

Sedona, AZ or back home to Colorado. 

WOBB_Promo7 (1)

Hope you enjoyed this blitz, I certainly did, will be definitely picking this up!

This Book Blitz was brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours and Hosted by me!


Thank you for stopping by and happy reading!



Cover Reveal – Forsworn The Last Oracle Book 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning novel Sacrificed (The Last Oracle, Book 1) heralded as a “Must-Read Romantic Fantasy” by USAToday.com



Forsworn: The Last Oracle Book II

Author: Emily Wibberley

Release Date:  July 21st, 2015

The cover look amazing, it would certainly make me stop and take a look, what about you?



Clio can see the future, but what she doesn’t know about her past could destroy her.

It’s been a year since Clio made her sacrifice to the Deities and embraced her destiny as the Oracle to save her people.

The only family she has left is a brother who wants her dead.

The prince, her oldest friend, is a king with his own agenda.

And the man who once loved her, now hates her.

All she can do is try to forget about Riece, the enemy commander whose heart she broke to save his life, as she serves the Deities. Her days are filled with Visions and bloodshed in a never-ending war against the Untouched. To add to her problems, she must pose as King Derik’s mistress to conceal her forbidden powers from the Emperor’s spies.

When Riece unexpectedly returns to Sheehan with a new and beautiful ally, Clio knows she must put him out of her mind once and for all, but first, they are thrust together into battle against a mysterious Untouched warrior with otherworldly power. To reclaim her city, she must team up with the man she hurt, the man she still loves but can never be with, and finally confront the questions about her origin—questions with answers that Clio may not be prepared to face.


The hallways had never felt so small before, never so stifling. Clio could hardly catch her breath as she sped down the corridors toward Riece’s old chambers.

She needed to find out what the symbol meant. She had no choice but to go to Riece. She would just have to keep her feelings out of it.

Before she could argue herself out of her thin conclusions, she found herself standing at Riece’s door. She knocked once, quietly, almost hoping Riece wouldn’t hear, wouldn’t invite her in.

“Come in,” he said almost distractedly from within.

She stepped inside and found him seated on a small bench, sharpening the edge of a small dagger. His cloak lay folded at his side, and his chest was left bare except for the smudged lines of his warrior ink. Happily, there was no sign that the princess was around. Perhaps Clio had imagined everything between them.

“Of course. It’s you,” Riece said without glancing at her. “You changed your hair.” He put aside his dagger and looked up at her. “Black. It seems like every time I see you, it’s a different color. Fitting, I suppose. Goes with your capricious nature.”

“Capricious? That’s a pretty big word for you, Commander. You sure you know what it means?”

He laughed bitterly, and for some reason Clio felt the familiar itch in her skin that could only ever be soothed with a fight.

He was suddenly serious. “It means ever-changing. Isn’t that why you haven’t wed the king? Has he, too, grown tired of your fickle heart?” His eyes mirrored the hate in his tone.

He had never looked at her with such antipathy before, and Clio’s blood flooded her cheeks. “Of course not,” she snapped.

“No?” He rose and advanced toward her. “Then you’ve some other reason?”

He was far too close, and Clio was having trouble thinking straight.

“We’ve been at war, hardly the time for nuptials. And—” she stammered. This close, she could tell that Riece was much larger than he had been a year ago. The muscles in his shoulders shifted and bulged with the slightest movement of his neck.

“And?” he prompted.

“And someone had to defend this city after you took your army, to what? Rescue some princess?” She spat the words at him.

Riece’s eyes sparkled with silent laughter. “So that’s the reason for this delightful visit. You’re jealous. Well, you have no right to be.”

“I’m not jealous,” Clio protested.

“No? Because my remembering of this,” he gestured to the two of them, “was that you used me so you could get back to your beloved king. You made your true feelings perfectly clear.” His look had darkened, and his jaw tightened with restrained fury.

She would have preferred a slap to the way he was looking at her. “You’re right,” she admitted.

Riece’s gaze bored into her, but what he looked to find, she couldn’t say.

“Why are you really here, Clio?” he finally sighed, exasperated.

To tell you that I’ve dreamt about you every night for a year, she wanted to scream. “I need you to look at something.”

“Ordering me around so soon?” His lips quirked up in a grin that didn’t travel to his eyes.

Sounds good to me!


Emily Wibberley grew up in the South Bay where she spent her formative years battling zombies on her Xbox, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and voraciously reading everything from The Hunger Games to Jane Austen, where her love for feisty young heroines was born.

After graduating from Princeton University Magna Cum Laude in 2014, she began writing. Her debut novel, Sacrificed, was named a finalist in the Young Adult category of the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards, in the Young Author category of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and in the 2015 International Book Awards. Since its release, Sacrificed has spent more than four months as a Kindle Top Ten Teen and Young Adult Bestseller.

When she isn’t reading the latest YA book, she enjoys watching kick-butt action movies with her two rescue German Shepherds, Hudson and Bishop, named after characters from James Cameron’s Aliens.

| Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Instagram |


Linky Loo’s ! at present there are no pre order links for this book, but below, are links for the first book, and must read before this second one!

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24486344-sacrificed?ac=1


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sacrificed-Last-Oracle-Emily-Wibberley/dp/1505896789/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1434855894&sr=8-2&keywords=sacrificed

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sacrificed-emily-wibberley/1121909849?ean=9781505896787

The Book Depository: http://www.bookdepository.com/Sacrificed-Emily-Wibberley/9781505896787

Hope you enjoyed this reveal and happy reading!



Book Review – The Contrary Tale of the Butterfly girl – Ishbelle Bee


Firstly, take a moment to look at the cover, its so engaging and wonderful, I just love it.

*giving you a moment to take in the awesomeness*

Product details

  • Paperback and ebook
  • Publisher: Angry Robot (6 Aug. 2015)
  • Language: English
  • Read – ebook via Arc for review

Where to start?

This book is such a cacophony of prose, eccentricity and delight.

I do love the way in which Ishbelle Bee creates her characters and her stories, they are like fresh spring  water washing away the monotony of some of the books out there today.

I love the way her pages just flow into one another, and even though they are interspersed with random pages too, I like the fact that there is not pages and pages of solid text, I know that is, essentially what a book is, but, you know what I mean!.

example –


and this –


I do, unfortunately, suffer with ‘Dry Eyes’ so reading for a long time makes my eyes uncomfortable, and having the change of constant text an ease to me.

As I mentioned before, In my previous writings of the first book, I would so love to go and visit, the authors creative mind and have a rummage around , perhaps I could be privy to her new ideas and plans to further books…cheeky!!:P

This book is somewhat of a continuation of the first one, still set in the Victorian age, but is, by no means a sequel , as such, we are introduced to new people and places and thoughts, we are even introduced to the Prime Minister and Queen Victoria,……. but do not get too close……………..just in case!!

Another similarity to Mirror and Goliath is her love for drawing upon quirky names for her characters, and I am happy that this continues in The Butterfly Girl, with the likes of Boo Boo, Pedrock Frogwish, Lady Beetle and Professor hummingbird to name but a few. We do meet Mr Loveheart again, for he in a disturbing way, stood out as a favourite of mine previously and was interested to see what was in store for us, in his adventures.

Now to the basis of the story –

The Blurb – 

The enchanting sequel to The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath

Two orphans, Pedrock and Boo Boo, are sent to live in the sinister village of Darkwound. There they meet and befriend the magical and dangerous Mr Loveheart and his neighbour Professor Hummingbird, a recluse who collects rare butterflies. Little do they know that Professor Hummingbird has attracted the wrath of a demon named Mr Angel-Cakes.

One night, Mr Angel-Cakes visits Boo Boo and carves a butterfly onto her back. Boo Boo starts to metamorphose into a butterfly/human hybrid, and is kidnapped by Professor Hummingbird. When Mr Loveheart attempts to rescue her with the aid of Detective White and Constable Walnut, they are turned into butterflies.

Caught between Professor Hummingbird and the demon Angel-Cakes, Loveheart finds himself entangled in a web much wider and darker than he could have imagined, and a plot that leads him right to the Prime Minister and Queen Victoria herself –  (Courtesy of Goodreads)

I used the blurb from Goodreads as I did not want to spoil anything for the potential reader, as I would like them to read and experience this world / book for themselves and thought that was the easier way of doing it, other I would just witter away and and spill the beans.

I always end up fancying something to eat aster reading these two books, as her stories are full of cake and custard and pie all manner of yummy stuff, it all sounds rather delicious.

The reading experience, I found with this book, was a quick and pleasant one, as mentioned previously, I love Ishbelle’s style and do not feel vexed on overly worded or elaborate text, it is simple and direct, I like that.

Do not get me wrong, when I explain it like that, it does not disrespect anything,for it is a work of art, Picasso comes to mind!!:P

I would suggest reading ‘The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath’ first and then migrate onto this one, I would say you could if you really wanted to read them independentl , but I would love you to meet Mr Loveheart first before addressing him here.

After gushing all over this, I do however, have to say that the first book – in my estimation- just peeks this one for me, I enjoyed the storyline a little more in the previous book and I did miss Goliath, he was such a gentle man and his presence in the book counterbalanced all the craziness, I preferred Mirror more as our main character than Boo Boo, but I did enjoy his book immensely, Thank you so much to Angry Robot books and of course Netgalley for giving me the chance of getting my hands on this much awaited publication and I look forward to seeing what is in store for us from them and Ishbelle Bee and her mind.

Just a word of warning though………….. Butterflies may not be what they seem, and mad professors who collect them likewise………

Do read them, I make light that these books are crazy and a quick enjoyable read, but they are a masterpiece and defiantly not to be missed, some people class these as gothic horror, and that’s acceptable as you do read about body parts and lopping off of heads etc bit its not the type of horror that makes you sleep with the light on, and that for me, gives it another brownie point, but I feel I cannot place a direct genre on this/ These books, I just think they are great.

I have included the link to the publishers page on this book and the website of the author herself.



Please not that i am not affilaited to anything or one and all thoughts are my own.

Thanks for reading, enjoy and let me know what you think, if you have read them, if not, do you want to?  I hope the answer is yes!

bye for now and happy reading 🙂



Cover Reveal – Will Choose by Laura Catherine

I am happy to present (a day late, apologies for that , couldn’t be helped ) a cover reveal for the above-mentioned book!


Will Choose by Laura Catherine
(Djinn #1.5)
Publication date: July 27th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

Will loves Kyra, but he know he can never be with her. He is Guardjinn and she is Djinn. Their love is forbidden.
He has a duty to his people. Will is a palace guard and after the Blooders attacked he is needed more than ever.
Will knows he should stay away from Kyra, but then why does he keep ending up at her house, watching her from a distance?

A choice is coming.
What will Will choose?
Love or duty?

The Author –



Laura Catherine is Young Adult author focusing on Paranormal Romance, Dystopia, and Fantasy.

She writes stories full of action, secrets, and magic. She loves creating worlds where anything is possible and everyone has a story to tell. She has an over-active imagination, spends a lot of her time daydreaming, and wishes pokemon were real so she would have one.

Laura Catherine lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Author Links:

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23512524-will-choose?ac=1  Goodreads link for the book 🙂

Brought to you by Xpresso booktours


Happy Reading!



Author Spotlight #1 – Jilliane Hoffman

Author spotlight

I have been meaning to start this post for aaaages, I thought I would like to share with you guys, some of my favourite authors, the books that I have read of theirs and a little bit about them. I am not going to go into the books quite as much as I would a review post, as my aim here is introduce you to a potential new writer.

As the title suggests, I am writing today about Jilliane Hoffman and I have all her books, she is the only Author that I religiously buy; Hence the reasoning to why she is my first ‘Spotlight’ guest.

Jilliane Hoffman

Jilliane P. Hoffman began her professional career as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting felonies in Florida from 1992 to 1996 with special assignments to the Domestic Violence and the Legal Extradition Units. Originally from Long Island, she currently lives in South Florida with her husband and two children.

I can remember browsing a bookshop after work one night, I worked near a shopping centre and they had regular late night shopping,so I used to meet my mum, we had food and then meandered the shops and had a really nice time, one particular evening, I was in a bookshop – i know, whatever next – and come across this book –


At the heart of Retribution is C. J. Townsend, a brilliant state prosecutor in Miami well-known for keeping her cool while trying even the most horrific cases. The latest suspect is as base as they come: a vicious killer who savors cruelty and considers murder an art. Amid a maelstrom of media attention, C. J. has just begun to build her case when she is struck with a shattering personal blow connected to her past. Now everything will ride on her ability to hold herself together long enough to put the accused away  ( Goodreads blurb)

Product details

  • Paperback: 544 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Language: English
  • Bought – 2004

At this point in my reading career, I had not meet Fantasy or Young Adult and was heavily into my murder mysteries, so this sounded like a read I would like, I had just read some Patricia Cornwall and seeings as this is in a similar-ish vein bought it and started reading it straight away.

The beginning of the book, was a tad unsettling as it depicts are brutal rape scene, I did wonder if, I would carry on reading, but carried on and glad I did because this book panned out to be an excellent read, a tad unsettling at times, but as soon as I had turned the last page, knew that I wanted to read more of this author.

It is obvious that she writes from experience and you can tell that when she writes, she does it from the heart.

Does make you wonder however, the horrible things that she has been witness to, the evil she has dealt with and what must roll around in her head!

Finally, her second book came out and I was glad to see CJ again


A new terror stalks Miami Beach. Three cops are dead – savagely mutilated while out on patrol. Assistant State Attorney CJ Townsend is worse than shaken. These cops worked on the Cupid investigation two years previously – the case of a brutal serial killer who was sent to death row. ( Goodreads)

Product details

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Language: English
  • Bought – 2005

Hoffman does a very good job of ‘back-filling’ the story in this book and even though this is a continuation, you could almost read this without reading Retribution, I would not recommend it, but at a stretch it could be viable.

I was glad that this book did not suffer from second book syndrome and even though the subject matter contains serial killers and gruesome detailing, the writing was bright and springy and a worthy continuance of this gritty story.

We do not get to see CJ again until 2012, but I will continue with the other books that came out, whilst waiting, as they are equally as absorbing.

The following years bring forth two new standalone novels, ‘Plea of Insanity’ and ‘Pretty Little Things’


The prosecutor – Julia Valenciano. Young, ambitious and facing a case that could launch her career. The defendant – David Marquette. A successful Miami surgeon and devoted family man. The victims – Marquette’s own wife and three small children. The plea – Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. The perfect father and model husband, David Marquette seemingly just snapped. (Goodreads)

The plot line is way more complicated and envolved, but it gives you an idea, but its a fresh new set of charecters, but its still engaging all the same.

Product details

  • Paperback: 608 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Language: English
  • Bought – 2007


Thirteen-year-old Lainey Emerson is the middle child in a home police are already familiar with: her mother works too much and her stepfather favors his own blood over another man’s problems—namely Lainey and her wild older sister, Liza. So when Lainey does not come home from a Friday night out with her friends, it is dismissed by the Coral Springs P.D. as just another disillusioned South Florida teen running away from suburban drama and an unhappy home life. ( Goodreads)

Again, this is a new tale, written with a sharp and quite frightening lesson for us all, because it deals with the online presence of malicious people, vulnerable children and the safety of the world wide web. As a mother, it certainly brought it home to me and made sure that my daughter was safe.

Product details

  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Harper
  • Language: English
  • Bought – 2010

The most recent of my ventures into the writings of Jilliane Hoffman, was the third book that features CJ Townsend, byt she does not appear until about 3/4 of the way into the story, we first meet the main characters, a feisty Italian woman and lawyer and a well seasoned cop, the case that they find themselves working on brings out previous charecters from the other CJ books and I love the fact that it does that, I love all the moulding together, the ending had me and the conclusion to the long standing CJ storyline wrapped it up nicely for me.


The body of a student who went missing from a Florida nightclub is found in a dumpster. A horrifying scene, but nothing compared to what she had to endure before her murder. She was drugged and tortured – all broadcast live for the twisted pleasure of a snuff club.

Detective Manny Alvarez works the homicide alongside young hotshot Assistant State Attorney Daria DeBianchi. The media spotlight shines on the accused, a privileged playboy seen leaving the club with the victim. But without cast-iron evidence, Daria and Manny must dig deeper to crack the case. ( Goodreads)

Product details

  • Paperback: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Harper
  • Language: English
  • Bought – 2012
I took a little break from reading in 2013 – 2014 and have just recently finished reading ‘The Cutting Room’ and was happy to get back into the swing of Hoffman’s penmanship.

I have just bought her latest book in glorious hardcover, I have it sitting on my shelves all ready and waiting to be read, I have quite a few other books that , I have to read for a review, but I am so so tempted, to put them aside and delve into another world that this author has set out for us.


She could have stopped an awful crime. She could have saved a life. She tried to forget about it. But now, the truth is out. The terrifying new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of Retribution and Pretty Little Things. Faith Saunders is the perfect wife, mother and sister – loved and admired by all who know her. One night will change everything. As she drives home in the pouring rain, a dishevelled young woman appears out of nowhere, pleading for help. ( Goodreads)

Product details

  • Hardcover: 448 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins (4 Jun. 2015)
  • Language: English
  • Bought – 2015

What makes me like this author so much, this I cannot answer, I have thought long and hard about it, and there is no answer, I know that she leads me / us the reader down some rather nasty and bleak paths, shakes us around a bit, and spits us out, I do feel well chewed after reading one of her books, they are not fluffy and they do not always have a happy ending, but I like it when a book does this to me.

I do feel that these books make an excellent addition to anyone’s library and they sit most happily on my shelves. I think she is one of the better crime writers about, it shows in her pacing and development of her characters, she makes them real, and the scary thing about it, she worked in the field that she writes about and you know there are people out there, that are really like this, so that , for me, puts a sharper edge on these people.

I bought the first three books in paperback and am slowly buying them in hardback too, I find that they look better and last longer, I will always be grateful, however, to my precious paperbacks, for introducing me to this lady author, they will remain tatty on my shelves, but thoroughly loved.

I am not one for being in a fandom, but when I did see this –


I did let out a little squeal!

( hope its OK, to show this, I never know these days, what you are allowed to show and what you are not, its so confusing :/ )

http://www.jillianehoffman.com/ is her website, and from what I gather, she is planning book four in the CJ series – woop woop!- and is currently working on another stand alone thriller, so I for one am excited to know more and hold them in my sweaty palms!

Also, Jilliane, ( soz, for being familiar)  if you read this, when are you coming to the UK, I need your penmarks in my books!!

To end my post, which I am happy to write about , I had no end of troubles with technical issues with WordPress and weird formatting stuff, my photos ( which I was unable to show you, because my camera nad laptop didnt want to talk to each other and all sorts of weird and wonderful things, I do actually have less hair now!

I am by no means a techy person and it drove me mad, but I persevered and hopefully, you liked what you read and ideally introduced you to new author.

Thanks for bearing with me. I am now off for a bit of fresh air and a stiff drink!



Emergency post – wanted to say something :)

I have been aware of certain situations, of spats between authors / publishers and book bloggers/ reviewers and have mostly kept out out of it, but I saw this Video this morning on YouTube and thought it very interesting, the book-tuber puts her point across in a plain yet excellent way and thought , on this occasion I wanted to say my piece.

I have been reading and enjoying books for the majority of my life,and have started blogging about my books recently, I will always say that i didn’t not like a book or enjoy it as much as other i have read. I think it is only fair and right to be honest, but also i do not think it is acceptable to assassinate a book either ( not referring to any situation) as I have read some reviews myself that are a tad on the ‘ouch’ side.

I would also never deign to try and rectify a story, it is for the author and the author only to do this, and way out of the reviewers remit- again my personally opinion, I feel that as reviewers, we should be talking about the ‘product’ we have before us and not the one we would like to see.

We are lucky to have free speech, but it does not mean that you can shout your mouth off, be adult and graceful about the situation and just agree to disagree and walk away; So many reckless and hurtful conversations are started this way.

As a budding writer myself, I always take into consideration how I would feel if people tore my work to pieces, but conversely, I do not expect everybody to like it and would take the negative comments as a learning experience.

Stalking a blogger for a bad review is totally unacceptable. Stalking authors is unacceptable too, I have heard of stories where fans, who do not like how their favorite books have gone, threaten them, but I guess that is a different conversation, for another day!

I know that people may not agree with my thoughts and observations, but I feel that its quite an interesting topic to discuss and could benefit the book world, to help us all get along 🙂

Let me know what you think 🙂

Rant over!!!

Thank you to Rosy and Bookish Brits for allowing me to use her video in this post.