Reading Challenge announcement- Vamp Month coming in July!

Vamp month 2

I would like to take this opportunity to let you guys know that I will be hosting a reading challenge in the month of July, I will be joined by fellow bloggers and friends –

and hopefully some others too soon:)

we will be attempting to read and review as many Vampire books as we can for the whole month, each reader will be reading different books of varying degrees of bloodletting, from potential sparkly ones to the nightcrawlers, that jump out at you and rip your throat out types.

Also, we will all be reading the classic ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker and posting our individual thoughts, I , for one will be interested to see the differing views and opinions.

This will start on the 1st July 2015 and our final thoughts and reviews will be up for reading on 31st July 2015. If it is a success then, another month long challenge with a different theme will take place later in the year.

Myself and all the other participants will disclose the books to be read and how many they hope to get through, so you will be able to find the blog that is reviewing a particular book of interest, but please visit all the blogs involved, it should be fun.

These are the books that I intend to read, in no particular order –


If you are interested in joining us please contact me in the comments, on the comments of the other participants or via my twitter feed, if you prefer email then  – –  on how to become part of this challenge, but I must request that you be registered before you can get involved, mostly for organisational reasons.

More information will be given nearer the date, and how you can follow our progresses and cheer-lead for us to keep reading!

Thank you!



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